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DCLOAD-IP 1.0.3 - ethernet program loader for the Dreamcast

WARNING: The "Dreamcast Lan Adapter", model HIT-300, is not the same as the "Broadband Adapter", model HIT-400. The HIT-300 will not work with games. There is an experimental patch for dcload-ip for the HIT-300, thanks to Dan Potter.

Lan Adapter HIT-300 patch

See http://cadcdev.sourceforge.net for more information on this patch by Dan Potter.

1.0.3 fixes some pretty nasty problems that were present in both 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. Symptoms included random lockups, strange ethernet behavior by the dreamcast, dc-tool getting stuck, and who knows what else. I advise everyone using dcload-ip to get 1.0.3 as soon as possible. If you had trouble with 1.0.1 or 1.0.2, try 1.0.3. Both dcload-ip and dc-tool-ip have been changed in this release.

Features include:
* Upload and execute ELF, RAW BINARY, and SREC files
* Console and fileserver (compatible with dcload-serial)
* Lame cd emulation

You MUST have both dcload (running on the dc) and dc-tool (running on the pc) - you can't use one without the other.


The source to dcload-ip and dc-tool. Should compile on most unix-ish systems without too much work, and also comiles on cygwin. Make sure you edit BFDLIB and BFDINCLUDE in Makefile.cfg to point to your sh-elf bfd, not the system one, or elf and srec loading won't work. Please use the included IP.BIN if you distribute cds or cd images.


Precompiled dcload-ip 1.0.3 1st_read.bins - includes elf, binary, scrambled binary, and srec. Please use the included IP.BIN if you distribute cds or cd images. Go look at Marcus's site for info on burning to cd, or take a look at nero.julesdcdev.com for burning with Nero. You will need to use arp on your pc if you use one of these images (arp -s ), or you can hexedit the unscrambled binary or elf - look for and change it to the correct ip.


Precompiled dc-tool-ip 1.0.3 for linux/x86, in case you cannot get it to compile for some reason.


Precompiled win32 dc-tool-ip 1.0.3 (from The Gypsy). If you don't have cygwin installed, you'll need to get the dlls too.


DiscJuggler 3 and Nero 5 images of dcload-ip 1.0.3 from The Gypsy (you will need to use arp if you use either of these images).


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