2005-09-12 PSTwo (GH32-12) SIO points.

Added a board picture of a PSTWO SIO, to the Info section.
Follow mrbrowns guide for the PS2 SIO, and use this picture if you have a PSTwo with board type GH-032-12.
Thanks to Herben for pointing out the points !

2005-09-09 Time passes...

After a few years of sleeping, I have decided to update this page again.
Site is under re-construction for the next of couple days.

More to come...


2003-05-24 GC hw-info

Huh, almost a year since last update !
I have been doing a little Gamecube hacking lately (when not busy with PS2).  For those interested take a look at the limited stuff I managed to find out at this point: gcinfo : - Hopefully others will contribute to it aswell!

2002-06-01 Mini compo & Graphics library

Some nice stuff going on in the ps2 scene these days.
Blackdroid did set up a little mini compo for ps2, checkout the entries here : http://www.wrathdesigns.net/ps2. Also Jules released a nice graphics library, get it from his page : http://www.mouthshut.net

2002-05-11 Server up!

Ok. Up running again... Expect an update of this page sometime soon !

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