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Load programs onto your dreamcast using either a serial cable or a broadband adapter.

dcload-serial - dcload and dc-tool versions for use with a serial cable.

dcload-ip - dcload and dc-tool versions for use with a broadband adapter, HIT-400 (there is now an experimental patch for the lan adapter, HIT-300).

KallistiOS stuff


I advise you use the CVS version of KOS to get the latest fixes. That is where any changes/fixes from me will probably be from now on. If there is demand for separate patches, I might keep putting them here...


This is a more optimized version of kos-1.1.3/addons/libdcutils/matrix.s. mat_transform is 15% faster and mat_apply is 9% faster. Just replace the old matrix.s with this one and rebuild.


This patch fixes a problem with gldraw passing "bad" polygons to the ta. You can see the problem by taking manual control of the gltest example and moving the cubes toward the screen until things get "strange". Apply the patch in kos-1.1.3/addons/libgl and rebuild.


This patch adds store queue support to KOS 1.1.3. My testing shows writing to vram using the store queues is about 2.45 times faster than normal writes (76 mbyte/sec instead of 31 mbyte/sec). The patch changes vid_clear, vid_empty, and ta_txr_load to use the store queues, and provides functions sq_clr, sq_cpy, sq_set, sq_set16, and sq_set32. Apply this patch to your kos-1.1.3 tree and rebuild.

dcload and KOS 1.1.x (x >= 2)

Be sure to change DEFAULT_SERIAL_BAUD in kos-1.1.x/kernel/arch/dreamcast/include/arch/arch.h if you are using 115200.


This patch speeds up the math functions (fsin, fcos, fisin, ficos, fsqrt, frsqrt) in KOS 1.1.2 by making them inline functions. Apply this patch, then "make clean ; make" in your kos-1.1.2 directory. (This is included with KOS 1.1.3)


Two patches to the dcload support integrated into KOS 1.1.1. The first (startup.s.diff.gz) fixes a bluescreen on exit. The second (initall.c.diff.gz) changes the default console from serial to dcload - this was always the default in my patches, and I don't see any reason for it not to be. I advise anyone using KOS 1.1.1 and dcload to apply both patches (to kos-1.1.1/kernel/arch/dreamcast/kernel/startup.s and kos-1.1.1/kernel/arch/dreamcast/kernel/initall.c). Also, dcload serial users need to remember to change DEFAULT_SERIAL_BAUD in kos-1.1.1/kernel/arch/dreamcast/include/arch/arch.h if using 115200.


Download a patch to KOS 1.1.0 that adds support for the dcload / dc-tool console and fileserver. Just apply the patch to your KOS tree and rebuild, and all printfs will go to the dc-tool console. Take a look at the patched 2ndmix example to see what you need to add to your code for /pc to work (the patch doesn't actually make 2ndmix use /pc, just makes it so it could). You may need to change DEFAULT_SERIAL_BAUD in kernel/arch/dreamcast/include/arch/arch.h back to 57600 (if you use 57600). With this patch, if dcload is not present or its console is disabled, KOS will fallback to plain serial output. Everything seems to be at least mostly working - if you have problems with dcload syscalls, try getting dcload 1.0.2.


Download an addition to KOS 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 that adds support for the dcload / dc-tool console and fileserver (requires dcload 1.0.x for full functionality - works with both serial and ethernet versions of dcload / dc-tool). Note: paths and filenames passed to fs_dcloadconsole are always relative to /

Version 0.80a fixes a stupid bug from 0.80 - stdout is fd 1, not 0.

Quick directions:
(1) Extract it in your kallistios directory
(2) mv fs/Makefile.andrewk fs/Makefile
(3) change fs_serconsole_init() and fs_serconsole_shutdown() to fs_dcloadconsole_init() and fs_dcloadconsole_shutdown() in kernel/main.c
(4) change DEFAULT_SERIAL_BAUD in include/kallisti/config.h if you use 115200
(5) rebuild

libjpeg-6b and test program

libjpeg-6b for KallistiOS 1.0.0, with test program (libjpeg is now included with KallistiOS 1.1.x)

Precompiled libjpeg test program

Precompiled copy of the libjpeg-6b test program

Examples / Sources / Misc


An example of using textures to do 2-d with KOS 1.1.x. Feel free to use the code in this example in any way you want.


Tools to make/insert your own logo into the sega license screen, like bleemcast does.


Precompiled win32 version of logotools.


Perspective correct texture example for KOS 0.8


Precompiled perspective correct texture example


Fixed version of Marcus's matrix.s - fixes a problem with apply_matrix not saving/restoring fr12-fr15 (also has my modifications to return -1/w from transform_coords - see the above pct example for use)


Some math functions in asm - sqrt, inverse sqrt, and sin/cos (includes necessary modification to binutils to support the inverse sqrt and sin/cos instructions)


rotozoom screenshot cube screenshot beetle screenshot credits screenshot

burritro v2

Download the burritro v2 (an enhanced version of the original Burritro, which was entered in y2kode).


Download the burritro v2 source (requires libjpeg-6b and kallistios 1.0.0)


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